Three Songs from The Tempest - Shaun Davey $20.00

In 1993 Shaun Davey was invited by Sam Mendez to compose the music for his Royal Shakespeare Company production of 'The Tempest'. Most of the songs in this late work by Shakespeare are sung by Ariel, a sea-sprite who serves his magician master, Prospero, but who longs for his freedom. They inhabit a magic island upon whose shores Ariel causes the shipwreck and marooning of Prospero’s enemies.

This task of enchantment Ariel playfully refers to in ‘Come unto these yellow sands’ and ‘Full Fathom Five’.

'A Marriage Blessing' is part of a rather enigmatic 'masque' [inner play], conjured by Prospero in honour of his daughter Miranda's wedding to Ferdinand, a young survivor from shipwreck. It is sung by the Goddesses Juno, Iris and Ceres.