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Alexander Carmichael’s Carmina Gadelica is a six volume set of various prayers, songs, poems, invocations and other lore he collected over close to a fifty-year period (1860-1909) in the Gaelic speaking regions of Scotland. Not without controversy over Carmichael’s editing practice, the collection remains as one of the most important sources of Gaelic folklore today.

Found in Volume I under the Scottish title, Solus-iuil na siorruidheachd (The Guiding Light of Eternity), the six lines of text give reference to three types of light: the “joyous light of this day”, the “new light of this day” and the “guiding light of eternity”. The English musical setting is in a simple, contemporary style which uses a mix of unison and contrapuntal textures reflective of the text.

O God, who brought me from the rest of last night, Upon the joyous light of this day,
Be Thou bringing me from the new light of this day, Unto the guiding light of eternity.
Oh! from the new light of this day. Unto the guiding light of eternity.

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