Capricious Celts - composed Fergus O'Carroll $90.00

Capricious Celts started life as a fanfare for band to celebrate the Millenium in the year 2000 AD.  It soon morphed into a piece that shows the capricious nature of people, always changing, sometimes abruptly, with many different ideas and styles.  This became Celtic in nature because much of the piece is based on the idea of traditional Irish music, although all of the themes themselves are original to the composer. 

To highlight the Millenium, the Irish themes morph into something that is strongly influenced by jazz rhythms, idioms and voicings and this reflects the close bond between the island of Ireland and the “new world” of America which became home to so many of our celtic peoples.  The piece closes with a short section bringing all of the three elements together, traditional, jazz and fanfare.

The composer would like to acknowledge the assistance of Dave Gold in the development of the jazz influenced section of the piece.

Please note that full score and instrumental parts may be downloaded in PDF format following purchase.