Courting is a pleasure - arr. Desmond Earley $2.75

Arranged for for Alto Solo, S.A.T.B. Voices, Guitar and Bodhrán, the song Courting is a Pleasure is found masquerading under a variety of names throughout the Irish tradition, such as Farewell Ballymoney and Going to Mass Last Sunday. A song of false love, betrayal, and emigration, typically sung from the male perspective about a false young woman named Molly, it is altered here to a female, singing about her dear love Johnny.

In the song the girl sings a tale of an unhappy courtship after being slighted by her sweetheart Johnny and warns people to be wary of men with a roving eye! The protagonist of the song curses the man in question and leaves Ireland for America bidding farewell to her sweet Ballymoney and County Antrim.

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